Thursday, 11 October 2012

Reflection on Three Terms in Room 27

Room 27 in the education room at the Auckland Zoo. Learning about what the zoo is doing to help save kiwi
Room 27 in the education room at Auckland Zoo.
Well I have spent three terms in Room 27 with 32 vibrant students. Throughout the year we've had 5 Korean and Japanese students visit for varying periods of time which was a pleasure.

Our fertile question is "Can One Person Make A Difference?"

In term one we learned about poverty around the world and the effects of this, such as child labour. We learned about how people like Harriet Lamb are making a difference to the lives of many around the world through Fair Trade and how by supporting Fair Trade and sharing our knowledge with others we can make a difference.

In term two we studied famous people, past and present who have made a positive difference to others around the world.

Close Encounter with the giraffe at Auckland Zoo
Close encounter with the giraffe at Auckland Zoo
In term three we investigated environmental issues leading to the endangerment of many species of animals around the world. We studied endangered animals and ways we can help them. After researching the needs to an animal, its habitat, diet etc students designed zoo enclosures. Our trip to Auckland Zoo also helped us with this task.

And what does term four hold? What will our rich task be? We don't know yet. We want the kids to decide. Our next step is to do something ourselves to make a difference in the lives of others. So watch this space to find out where our journey takes us in term four.